eLife Home Portal


Wherever you are, you can still control your home internet, whether it’s keeping it safe from viruses, boosting your broadband, limiting your kids’ time spent online or more.

eLife Home Portal ensures flexibility and control

Have the power and flexibility to configure your eLife home internet from anywhere in the world, along with always remaining up-to-date with the latest services and features like digital parenting and cloud.
etisalat’s eLife service is harnessing a new technology called vCPE to further enhance your service, delivering more flexibility and more control to you than ever possible.
New eLife subscribers progressively receive the new service and existing customers will be upgraded at a later date.


With unlimited potential for new services on the platform in the future, we are bringing the most important features to you first:

Add another layer of protection to your connected home devices:

  • Looking for threats and blocking them even before they reach your home network
  • Protecting your family from inadvertently accessing websites that host malicious software
  • Protecting all the devices connected to your eLife internet access
  • No minimum commitment
  • No need to download or maintain any software

Boost your broadband up to 1gbps for 24 hours:

  • Grab large files from somewhere
  • Use the boost when you have family or friends visiting

Control which websites your younger family members are accessing with easy to implement Website Filtering, Content Filtering and Time-based Access available for specific devices or users: 

  • Block specific applications, such as social media apps, internet voice calls, torrents, or online gaming
  • Block specific sites or content on the web
  • Block website categories, such as video or social networks
  • Schedule internet usage only certain hours of the day

Take control of your home Wi-Fi network and connected devices from anywhere in the world:

  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi
  • Set up passwords
  • Enable guest access
  • Access many more features


Cloud Powered Firewall

  • Secure your home devices and be able to open services to specific protocols, like gaming or remote access on your terms from anywhere
  • Configure Firewall rules to allow access to internal resources from particular external IP addresses
  • Blacklist/whitelist site selection

Traffic Monitoring

  • Take control of your home network – for example, know who is causing your YouTube videos to buffer when they download a big software update
  • Manage and give priority to certain users, devices or services


Cloud Anti-Virus
AED 15/month
Bandwith on Demand
AED 99/day
Parental Control
AED 15/month (now offered for free for a trial period)
Home Wi-Fi Management
Cloud Powered Firewall
Traffic Monitoring

How to subscribe

Subscribing is easy; simply choose your most convenient method below.


You can subscribe in just a few clicks, from your couch.
1. Download My etisalat app from your app store
2. Use it to subscribe

Subscribe now

Let us lead you through the subscription process, just give a call to our call centre:
• Call 101 and follow the instructions


Find your nearest etisalat Business Centre or outlet and our representatives with help you with your subscription:
1. Visit your nearest etisalat Business Centre or outlet
2. Let one of our representatives help you subscribe

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1. Is there a user manual for the service?
Yes, you can download the Quick Start guide here or the complete User Manual here.

2. I don’t have a Dlink 850 router, how can I access the eLife Home Portal?
Only Dlink 850 or 853 router is capable of supporting the eLife Home Portal. Please contact 101 and we will offer you an attractive plan for replacing your existing router.

3. I have two eLife accounts with one etisalat username for each. How can I manage the two accounts?
Each account will have its own settings. Simply select within the eLife Home Portal the account you wish to apply your preferred settings and policies to.

Terms & Conditions

eLife Home Portal is only accessible via the lastest Dlink 850L/853 router. Please contact 101 for special offers if you wish to replace your home router and Technicolor Xtreme router.