Switch Your Business landline Number to Etisalat!

Switching phone providers has never been easier.

We understand the importance of your business phone number and the role it plays in retaining and communicating with your customers. 

With this in mind, we are delighted to present our Fixed Voice Services, which can be bundled with a suite of connectivity solutions. Choose from High-Speed Internet and a range of devices such as Managed Wi-Fi, Digital Signage with a TV, a Managed Firewall and more!

You can now keep your existing business landline number* and seamlessly switch from your current service provider to Etisalat. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to Etisalat, without disrupting your business.

 *subject to Etisalat network availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Fixed Number Portability?

You can now easily change to a new operator of your choice and keep your current business landline number with Fixed Number Portability (FNP) service.   

Q2. I am using my business landline for many years. Can I switch to Etisalat? 

Yes, absolutely! Please fill in the form so our team can call and help you with the switch. 

Q3. What are the benefits of switching to Etisalat?

For starters, we offer high-speed unlimited business broadband starting speeds of 150 Mbps free calls to landlines, free devices and much more. There is also a wide range of products and services we offer customers as they grow their business with us. 

Q4. Are there any charges while switching to Etisalat?

There is no service fee to switch the operator. However please note, it depends on the service package you selected while switching. 

Q5. In case I have any outstanding payments with my current operator, can I still switch to Etisalat?

Yes definitely. However, your current operator may contact you later to collect outstanding payments.

Q6. I changed my mind; can I reverse my switch to Etisalat?

We are sorry to hear this. Before your new service is activated with us, please first cancel your switch to Etisalat request. You need to contact the requested operator, to cancel your request. 

Q7. I am not happy with the new operator. Can I switch back to Etisalat?

Yes of course! We would be delighted to welcome you back. Within seven days of your service activation with the new operator, you can switch back to Etisalat. 

Q8. Can I keep my number if I move from one Emirate to another?

No, unfortunately you cannot. You can only switch to Etisalat within the same Emirate. It is not possible to keep your number if you move from one Emirate to another as each has different prefix code such as 02 for Abu Dhabi, 04 for Dubai and so on. 

Q9. How many times can FNP be done?

You can port out and port back the numbers as many times as you want – its unlimited. However, you can do this only after minimum of 30 days after each switch. 

Q10. How many days will it take to switch if I avail the FNP facility with Etisalat?

It typically takes 3 to 10 business days depending upon the product you select.

Q11. Is there a downtime for service during switching?

There will be no downtime or disruption, as the new service will be activated first and then termination of the old service will be done.

Q12. What happens to my voice mailbox, call greetings, ring tones with the other operator if I switch to Etisalat?

All services will be changed to as per the new operator, Etisalat.  

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